Concrete is the world's most trusted material for building bridges. It allows you to design and build with complete confidence.

Concrete is fluid and can be engineered and formed to complex design requirements. It then sets strong, holding its form for life.

Concrete’s free-form versatility and strength allows you to design and build any bridge design including concrete arches, slab decks, beam bridges, box girder, cable stayed, stressed ribbon and inclined frame. It can be used in a wide spectrum of environments, since it is adaptable to any location.

Concrete helps reduce your risk because it is locally produced, readily available, and can be formed by local skills and talent. Those involved in construction are experienced with concrete providing added confidence for efficient engineering and design, scheduling, placement, and fast project completion with minimal on-site wastage.

Concrete’s consistent performance means it is easy to meet standards and codes providing peace-of-mind. 

With concrete, you can be confident you are working with one of the world’s most reliable, versatile, and trusted construction materials. 


Across its life, concrete is a remarkably sustainable construction material, from the sourcing of materials through to design, operation and end-of-life decommissioning and recycling.

Due to concrete's extreme durability its whole of life environmental impacts are low.

Concrete is locally manufactured which supports the local industry, community, and employment and is highly efficient with minimal onsite waste which reduces the impact of transportation.

Concrete is 100% recyclable and uses recycled materials in manufacture. It naturally absorbs carbon from the atmosphere throughout its life, with Global studies demonstrating up to one third of the original CO2 emissions re-absorbed.

When it has been deemed to have served its original purpose, it can be completely recycled into other valuable applications.

Concrete is a sustainable material that is good to live with for its entire life.


With Concrete you are Futureproofing Your Build and Futureproofing Australia.

Concrete is Australia’s locally manufactured, proven, durable and resilient construction material that just gets stronger over time.

Concrete’s durability and resilience allows you to build bridges that will last for 100 years and beyond.

Concrete’s inherent strength makes it the safe and secure construction choice allowing you to build as high and as long as your design demands.

Concrete is futureproof against natural deterioration, extremes of weather and climate and the ravages of fires, floods, and cyclones.

Importantly, concrete offers a virtually maintenance free design life.

Concrete offers unmatched fire resistance, it is non-combustible and emits no toxic fumes.

With concrete you know you are constructing a bridge that is safe and solid, not only for today but for future generations to come.