Concrete is highly flexible in Form, Finish and Function.

This flexibility allows enormous scope to meet the most complex and demanding design and construction brief.

Concrete has long been prized for its strength and durability. But it’s equally loved for its ability to be moulded into various forms, for its infinite and unique range of finishes, and for its many functional applications in and outside the home.


The plasticity of concrete in its ‘wet’ state means it can be used to create almost any architectural form or combination – from straight to curved to Cantilevers, free and long-span spaces.


The standard grey colouring and smooth finish we most associate with concrete is loved by many for its simplicity, but it’s only the beginning of the story. Concrete can also be designed and constructed in a vast array of colours and textures. –


Concrete is much more than a structural solution. It can be used to create unique functional applications in and outside your home – from polished concrete floors to exposed ceilings and concrete benches and furniture.


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