Concrete Walling - The Key to Success

Concrete walling is the key to successful multi-residential construction. This experience has been clearly demonstrated at Macquarie Park in Sydney by Toga Developments. Toga is creating a unique living environment for 608 families at Herring Road, Macquarie Park.


The complex in total consists of five buildings with up to thirteen residential floors constructed above three basement floors with concrete extensively used for basement wall and external façade wall construction. Surprisingly the real strength of concrete resides not only in its innate structural strength but also in its speed of construction.


To both a developer and a builder in the sensitive Sydney residential construction market: time is the essence, and concrete walling ensures the building is not only built in the shortest time but also produces a high quality, strong and durable home.

The Toga Group onsite Construction Manager: Simon Mak made the following comment about concrete walls: “I can’t speak highly enough about it, I love it”. Simon went on to say “to a builder it’s all about time, and concrete walls gives me that time. In one day we can erect 26 precast concrete wall panels and that would take me three weeks with other systems.”

He also added “The walling crew can operate concurrently in three separate work areas – and as a construction manager, that gives me added flexibility in each floor cycle. Quicker walls means faster formwork for the next floor, faster reinforcement set up for the next floor and faster floor cycles. Quicker walls means faster floors.”


The rigours and challenges of the construction program demand that Simon achieves a floor cycle of six days and concrete walls are making that happen. Quicker time means less scaffolding hire, and on a heavily scaffolded project this impacts dramatically on the cost of a multi-storey multi-residential project. Precast concrete walls means no mess and less clean up and this comes back to another added bonus of again quicker time because there’s less site clean up required which further improves the bottom line.

The Precast concrete walls were manufactured offsite in the Hanson Precast Concrete facility in Mulgrave Sydney and then when required are a loaded onto truck trailer and transported to the building site. From the kerbside delivery location they are lifted directly from the back of the truck trailer, by the tower crane, and directly onto their final resting place in the building. They are secured in place initially by temporary bracing and then grouted with a dowelled connection and permanently and robustly locked into the frame of the building. Using this system the wall sections for one floor can be fully installed in one day giving the builder unequalled walling cycles for each building level.

By manufacturing the precast concrete wall panels under factory controlled conditions the quality of the finished product is excellent, giving a fine dense hardwearing texture to the external surface of the wall. Dimensional accuracy of the size of the panels is very carefully controlled. Precision is achieved in the location of lifting points, ferules for temporary bracing points, starter bars and dowel bars producing high quality walling units that fit together like a hand in a glove. Window and door penetrations are simply created by using a blockout in the casting formwork.

Services can be provided by embedding ducts within the body of the panel to provide pathways for electrical circuits and other services. Additional insulation, if required, can be easily supplied by baton and plaster on the inside face of the units installed on site. Final finish of the exterior of the panel walls is provided as a simple direct painted system provided through application on site and in the colour palette selected by the designing architect.

Concrete walling is providing the key to successful multi-residential construction at Macquarie Park. Its success resides in the speed, quality and accuracy of using precast concrete panels to provide an appealing, functional and durable concrete walling system.

Concrete walling provides the resident with a strong, safe, robust and well-built home while providing the builder with a competitive and speedy construction method that’s quick to use, and simple and reliable to build.

Project: Multi-Residential, 128 Herring Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney

Builder: The Toga Group

: Marchese Partners

Structural Engineers:
Taylor Thompson Whitting

Premixed Concrete Supplier:

Precast Concrete Supplier: Hanson

Photos: Toga Developments and CCAA